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Double EP

(Limited edition tinted 12" vinyl)

Our debut EP FROM AFAR and our upcoming EP UP CLOSE combined on one beautiful vinyl. Each side features a single EP. Releases on 11th September 2020. €25 EUR plus €5 EUR for shipping within Germany. Only pre-orders will receive both vinyl and digital album download. Order vinyl on Bandcamp (Residents of Berlin also have the option to save the environment some trash and CO2 by picking it up at the Filter Music Group office personally. Just drop us a mail when exactly you want to come by, how many you'd like and your name and adress so we can bill you.)


Double Releaseshow w/ Ant Antic at Kesselhaus, Berlin

Buy tickets on Eventbrite Saturday 10th Oktober 2020   |   21:00 Uhr – 23:30 Uhr MESZ   |   €18 EUR


Official Music Video

Read further in the article published on Kaltblut Magazine.


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